How To Deal With Elbow Pain At Night

How To Deal With Elbow Pain At Night

To relieve elbow pain at night while sleeping can be attained through ice or heat application, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, rest, elbow brace, and physiotherapy. Physiotherapy covers all the other kinds of elbow pain relief that were mentioned. They are some of the conventional treatments to relieve the symptoms of tendinitis.


Tendinitis is the inflammation and irritation of the tendons that are in the cords of tough and fibrous connective tissues which attach muscles to the bones. It includes tennis elbow and golfers elbow injuries. This injury results from overexertion and repetitive movements. All people have the tendency to develop this injury.


Elbow Pain at Night Relief Ways

The symptoms of tendinitis include elbow pain that occurs at night or while resting, inability to carry objects or use the arm, inability to flex or straighten the arm, and swelling or redness of the injured part. Some conventional treatments can provide elbow pain relief.



this may be the simplest, but this is the most effective among conventional treatments for it promotes healing of the tendons. Giving your arm proper rest is the very first and vital step toward recovery. Meaning, you must avoid participating in any activities that may aggravate your condition.


Ice or Heat Application

Ice or Heat Application

is a very common relief in orthopedic treatment. You may be asking what is right between the two. Which one is better, ice packs or heat pads? Ice treatment is typically used for acute injuries. It is used when you have a recent injury that may be within 48 hours and when it is swelling for this can help reduce swelling of the injured part. Heat treatments, however, should be used for chronic conditions to help relax and loosen the tissues. It also helps in stimulating blood flow to the injured part. You should use this before doing your activities and not after a certain activity.


Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)

Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs

For the mildest to moderate cases of elbow pain, the use of aspirin or ibuprofen will help reduce the inflammation. This kind of relief should be taken to relieve pain but not to be maintained for pain relief due to its gastrointestinal side-effects.


Elbow Brace

Elbow Brace

The use of an elbow brace that is worn over the back of your forearm may help relieve the symptoms, and this can help your muscles and tendons to rest. It forbids certain movements of the forearm to avoid stress.


Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy

Doing some simple stretching and exercises not just relieve the pain but cures the injury. When you perform stretching to improve the flexibility of your wrist and arm and perform strengthening exercises to strengthen your muscles, you doing the best preventive measure against elbow pain. In physiotherapy,

your therapist will evaluate your condition thoroughly to determine the kind of treatment appropriate for you to permanently make the injury fade away. Your therapist may perform an ultrasound, ice massage, and muscle-strengthening exercises, as well as stretching exercises.


Application of Potato Pack:

Boiled and mashed potato can be put on the affected elbow for 10 minutes to ease the soreness and inflammation especially at night when one cannot access the medical center.


Application of Ointment or Cream

An ointment or cream is one of the most popular options for those seeking how to heal tennis elbow. Research and studies have clinically proven that the best ointment is made from combining natural ingredients like Belladonna, MSM, Ignatia, Naja, Lachesis Mutus, phosphorous, and menthol. Moreover, when Cetyl Myristoleate is one of the ingredients of the ointment, it will have the ability to stop the pain in joints like the knee, elbow, and wrist quickly without side effects.


Some of the many advantages that come with the use of a natural ointment include:

  1. Ease of application.
  2. Easy to carry and can be applied while traveling.
  3. The best natural ointments produce quick healing results.
  4. The right mix of homeopathic ingredients is a power pack solution to heal the root of the pain.


There is no doubt ointments or creams with the right mix of natural ingredients have become the most sought-after solution to elbow pain at night while asleep. Unlike traditional natural home remedies which require you to spend time preparing the right ingredients and performing the instructions religiously, you will be surprised that when you get hold of an ointment made from the above ingredients, you will have the best solution on how to heal tennis elbow quickly, easily and safely.